Ballarat puts on a good show

From all accounts the Ballarat round was a great day of riding. Ok so it got a bit cold and then a bit wet but when it comes to Mountian Biking that’s all part of the fun.  We can’t all go having society thinking we are tough because we mountain bike and then only expect to ride in perfect weather.  Or we had better all move north!

If you are looking for the round results see this LINK

Series results will be up soon, just awaiting on the official nod from the club as they iron out a few glitches.

The next round “The Buxton Boot Camp” is fast approaching.  We urge you to get your entry in as the filed is limited to 350 and has reached capacity nearly every year.  With only 2 races to go in the series why not lock it in.  Entry Link Here.  Event Website Here



Thanks to Otto Davies for his great photos.  To see more there are some galleries shared in the VES facebook page

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