Solo rider Shaun and Tobais Lestrell take it to the teams at Alubry

What a battle unfolded at the Albury 6hr in the Solo category with Canberra rider Shaun Lewis taking it to the 24hr specialist Tobais Lestrell in what was described as a ding dong battle.  Tobais in his post race report said that he just could not hold Shaun down the descents and making up the time on every climb eventual took its toll.  But not by much. At the end of the day the two were still on the lead lap covering 125kms and split by under 50 seconds.  Wow!  That’s almost a sprint in 6hr terms.  They actually came 3rd and 2nd overall with only the Torq Merida and teams beating them.

The results for the round can be found –>HERE<—

And check out this facebook Album with photos taken by the talented Otto Davies on the day.  Otto has become the unofficial photographer of the Victorian Mountain bike scene so if you see him out there be sure to say hi and thank him for his great snaps.

Feel free to send any race reports or action snaps through to us.

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Round 2 was a massive success!

The LDTR put on an amazing show for round 2 with 450+ riders taking part and nothing but great comments and photos coming in.   Thanks for everybody for being apart of it.

If you click on the Results page you will find the results and the much anticipated Series results after Round 2 are now up!

So time to turn our attention to Round 3 at Albury on Sun 19th June.  This round is also the first of the 1.5 points factor rounds so you dont want to miss this opportunity.

All of the round info and a link to the entry page can be found here

Photo Credit: Otto Davies

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The course for the Golden Goat Challenge is set!

The Course
The club has released the course map  and also this downloadable event guide with everything you need to know.  The course is going to be approx. 16km long and noted as a Fun Filled Action Packed Course with plenty of ups and as many flowy descents.  So maybe you could say what ever goes up, must come down.

Download the event guide –>here<–

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What an amazing start to the 2016 Victorian Endurance Series.
The GMBC team have the results on their site –>here<–  If you have a race report, be sure to email it through to us.  Dont forget the series #VESMTB

Photo Credit: Otto Davies

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Round 1 VES 2016 is finally here

Hope you are all excited!  Round 1 of the 2016 Victorian Endurance Series is launching this Saturday at the You Yangs flat course hosted by GMBC.  Always a great round and we know you dont want to miss it.   Entries will close Wed night.  Enter Here

And whilst we are at it, lets get our own series hashtag going #VESMTB

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Round 1 GMBC Crazy 6 less than 1 month away

Dont leave your entry to the last minute.  This is always a cracking start to the series.
Saturday April 9th.   Enter Now 

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Round 1, GMBC Crazy 6hr Enduro is now open for entries

Entries for round 1 have just opened.  Get your team, your mates your mum or heck even your dad involved and get that entry in.

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Check out the 2016 new look.  Flyers coming to a store or event near year.  Round 1 entries will be open very shortly and we are super excited to announce the return of the teams Masters 40+ for 2016.
Yes yes all of those comments have been listened to and the clubs for the 2016 Vic MTB Endurance Series have decided that 40+ Mixed teams is a goer.  All riders must be over the age of 40 on 31st of December this year to make your team eligible. We look forward to seeing some great close racing.

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2016 Calendar announced

I know you are all pretty keen to lock these dates into your diary so let the wait be over!
In 2016 whilst we still have not decided on a new name for the series we can guarantee that the events are all going to be brilliant once again.  2015 saw the biggest year for the VES and that came from a good solid series of rounds combining great race courses at established venues with professional clubs and promoters behind them.  So in 2016 we are not shaking it up, instead we are looking to build off that solid base but do it even better.

We still have a few things to decide for the series, like should we have a 40+ teams category again and which rounds get the 1.5 points bonus added to them.  However for now the dates on the calendar are locked in!  We look forward to seeing you all there.
Keep an eye out for Round 1 GMBC You Yangs opening soon.

Link to Calendar

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Buxton Bootcamp – 2015 FINALE

The Buxton Bootcamp was a fitting finale for the 2015 Victorian Enduro Series – with a sell out event at the Buxton MTB Park and a sunny race day! It was reported at the event that this series has been one of the biggest the series has seen in recent years – almost doubling the numbers of riders recorded in the 2013 series, resulting in roughly $9,000 worth of prize money.

The series is looking to grow into the coming years and we are already open for nominations from MTBA clubs and private promoters to hold a round in 2016 (please email if you are one of these).

Huge thanks to the Commonaeros for their involvement in the series and this great write up:

“The Buxton Bootcamp was once again the finale for the 2015 Victorian Enduro Series. With the success of the race in the past few years it was no surprise to see a sellout field across the 6 and 3 hour races.

Before getting into this round’s race report I must apologise for not doing a race report from Ballarat. In short, we ate rice and curry with Will Geor, talked shit with Will Geor, set up a tent for Will Geor and took podium photos of Will Geor. It was an authentic Ballarat experience. We also came 2nd.

Now that the last round is out of the way, lets get into Buxton. It was a significantly different lead up to normal for this race. Brad and I had spent the week in Tasmania to celebrate his 30th birthday, we rode bikes, drank beer, but mostly I just ate salmon. One week wasn’t enough for Brad and he stayed on for another week, so it was time for Corey Davies to step up to the plate and fill Brad’s shoes in team Commonaeros.

After the endless grief we have given Todd all year for his #teammatedoping I was pretty happy to be right end of this with Corey in the team. Given Todd was teaming up with young star Kian Lerch-McKinnon, Corey and I were going to have our work cut out and we certainly weren’t discounting the ability of any of the other teams, it was going to be ON!

Joining the ducks was definitely an option on a hot day. Pic Otto Davies
Joining the ducks was definitely an option on a hot day. Pic Otto Davies

First lap duties were finally out of my hands and Corey had the instructions to stick to Kian like glue, good luck buddy. Around 40 minutes later it was Kian coming into transition with Corey not far behind, Todd and I set off and he steadily rode away from me until he was  nowhere to be seen. Halfway through the lap Josh from BSS Nunawading came passed me like I was stopped, those quads of his pack some power. Starting the lap in second, finishing in third wasn’t a bad start. The next laps were much the same, although Josh caught me much later in the lap and I stayed with him until the end.

Corey chasing Adam Blazevic early. Pic Otto Davies
Corey chasing Adam Blazevic early. Pic Otto Davies

Knowing that the other teams were slowing at a greater rate than us kept up the morale and on our 6th lap, with the 3hr riders chasing us fast, I managed to catch and pass Todd. To say I threw down a #wattbomb would be a gross embellishment, but I did manage to get rid of Todd and give Corey a good chance of staying away. As it turned out Corey put in over a minute into Kian that lap and I started the lap with a 90 second lead, although I had no idea how far ahead I was.

This is a only sight of Kian most of us will ever see. Pic - Otto Davies
This is a only sight of Kian most of us will ever see. Pic Otto Davies

This is about the point where the day took a turn. Around 10 minutes into the lap I was making my way through the the slowing riders and as I was about to pass a rider he veered off the track and collapsed onto me having a seizure. After the initial thoughts of what the F@#* is happening, it was pretty obvious this rider (Jason is his name I believe) was in a bad way and now was the time to help him and do what we could to look after a fellow rider. The next few riders stopped to help out too and Rohin Adams was soon on the scene and took care of most things. After finding the first aid lady and taking her to Jason, things were under control and an ambulance was on its way. The way everyone banded together to help out was great to see, whilst I hope to never be in the position to need this help, I know its going to be there.

To go further into riders helping each other out, Pete Keach and Cullen Hamilton are good mates of mine and both Paramedics, both Pete and Cullen stopped and helped out Hayden early in the piece and nearly 6 hours later Cullen once again helped out Jason. Kudos to these two champs and in the future lets hope they can just rock up and enjoy the ride incident free.

So I rode the rest of the lap emotionally pretty flat, this was a terrible way to finishing a ride. It went from high to low in an instant. As I finished I ran into Rohin and he told me that we would be put back up to first place, at the time I really didn’t care about the result, I just hoped that the guy I helped would be alright. (As far as I’m aware, he went to hospital and is recovering ok)

Other than the last lap this was a great race that was fought hard between the top three teams and after the dust has settled I’m pretty happy that Corey and I took the win, mainly due Corey’s form. The win put the finishing touches on our overall series win. We finished the series with 2 wins and another 3 podiums. A massive thanks to Alan and Rohin from Big Hill Events for putting on the Buxton Bootcamp and organising the series.

Teams Podium with us on top. Pic Peter Henkel
Teams Podium with us on top. Pic Peter Henkel

All of our racing wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support we are given, we can’t thank enough Yarra Valley Cycles, Kona Bicycles Australia and Groupe Sportif. They enable us to use great bikes fitted with awesome parts. If you’re on your way to Buxton again, stop by YVC in Lilydale, you never know what you might leave with.

It was a bit of shame to have Brad absent for the final race and not up there on the podium for the series presentation, the two of us spend way too much time together but I love every moment of it. His ‘ZEN’ influence into our little world provides great balance. I can’t wait to do it all again with Brad next year, this year has been great fun racing with everyone and we both hope to see you all next year.

Series Podium, lets pretend Corey is Brad. Pic Peter Henkel
Series Podium, lets pretend Corey is Brad. Pic Peter Henkel

I trust you have enjoyed our race reports over the season if you have read this far and I’d like to thank you for your support. For us now its Gravity ‘Enduro’ season and time to get stuck into our training plans for next year. Stay tuned to our adventures on Instagram and Facebook.”

For category and lap results from the series click here

For full series results click here

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in the VES survey so we can improve 

Facebook Gallery

Full Photographs

A huge thanks must be given to all our supporters, sponsors and volunteers including: James Cowell (Park Ranger at Buxton Bootcamp), the Murrindinidi Cycle Club, the Beechworth Bakery, Great Divide Coffee, The Mrs. & Co., Ground Effects, Fraga’s Cafe and Apex Massage.

We look forward to seeing you on the trails soon.

Written by Alan Tregidgo on behalf of Big Hill Events and the Victorian Enduro Series


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